23 Examples How The Chinese Population is Adding to Its Economy with their Blood

Over the last 30 years, China’s economy has been growing pretty steadily due to heavy consumerism on our side. However, the downside to that which apparently the lawmakers have refused to look at is its environmental impact and of course on the population. It is literally out of control. It’s funny when human rights makes a fuss about working condition in walmart but ignore to push China to control its emissions which is clearly affecting majority of people. BTW, incase you didn’t know – China is currently the world’s biggest polluter and largest producer of carbon emissions.

Here is the aftermath of 30 years of uncontrolled manufacturism(?) looks like:

Looks like a Tsunami aftermath but its not..
Garbage clogged waterway.

among the dead fish.

Life expectancy has considerably dropped in the areas where even drinking water is scarce..

Dumping garbage straight into the river.

Fog or pollution. unfortunately, the latter.

Life goes on..
Running through the garbage.

Despair would be an understatement.

Not sure how that water is usable..

More dead fish.

You can barely see the sun through the haze in this picture.

I’m not sure I even want to know what happened here.

Life goes on..
How did it get this bad?

Straight from the factory to the oceans.

Intense smog.

Devestating the countryside.

Imagine taking a walk daily on your way to work..
Not a pleasant sight to have outside your home.

What are they doing here?

So tragic.

Looks like condition on another planet
More industrial waste dumping.

Careful not to breath the air.

Consistent smog
This looks like the apocolypse.

That’s no wild fire, it’s just smog.

This might be beautiful if it wasn’t so toxic.

(via Reddit)

This needs to change and imposing sanctions to push Chinese government to invest in regulating the emissions and control industrial waste. This not only affect the people living in those conditions but the rest of the world as well. Blood Diamond term totally applies here…




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