BEST DIY of 2014 – This Guy Turned An Unused Corner Into an Expensive Looking Fireplace

It’s that time of year again, although not as cold as we would have thought (atleast in New York) but we as well, like everybody else are looking for a little bit of extra warmth. The bitter cold has seeped through our layered clothing, and all we want to do is find a spot where we can sit down and thaw out. to

Not everyone can have a fireplace built in their homes. While we can dream of sitting in front of one, as the flames ablaze, and try to relax and warm up, this one guy chose to not dream and not settle for anything less. He discovered there was an old chimney inside one of his walls, so he decided he was going to build his own wood burner for the cold months ahead. This was one of the good DIY example which am sure will benefit a lot of people around you.

This is the corner where the chimney is – it looks pretty plain here, but it would eventually be an ideal winter haven.

He began by tearing out the drywall and replacing the insulation.

After re-insulating the corner, he replaced the drywall with cement boards to ensure the space was as fire resistant as possible.

Then it was time to start constructed the stone wall which would surround the wood burner.

He began placing the stones on the wall after carefully laying them out and planning where each would go.

Here you can see his careful planning was really starting to pay off.

After the wall and the base were constructed, he then used a darker grout to give more definition to the stones.

This looks really awesome. The dark grout really highlights the differing colors of each stone and the detail that went into the construction.

All he needed now was the burner.

And here it is, all installed and ready to start warming the place up. As a bonus, he constructed a space behind the left wall to keep firewood for easy access!

This looks so much better than the plain, unused corner it was before. This will definitely be a spot to come in and shake off the cold.

I feel warmer just looking at this thing. Definitely a very successful project, and one that reminds me just how much you can do with your own two hands. Also, that whole effort saved him more than 5000 and set him back by probably 300 dollars. If you just want a beautiful gas fireplace (Check it out here) though, that would probably set you back 200 dollars.

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