Cute Stray Injured Animals getting treated in the Hedgehog Care Unit

Your pet getting sick can be one of the hardest things to watchThere’s nothing more depressing than seeing your cheerful pet resting more than they should. So you do the things anyone would – take them to the vet, of course. Stray animals with injuries or illness are often sadly left to perish, or just suffer in vain unlike the animals living with us.

One of the charity foundations, Saint Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital (with a strange name which doesn’t matter when you look at their deeds), mean serious business when it comes to healing cute critters, the ones who need it most. Established in 1984 by a couple in Britain. They started with couple of hedgehogs but in few years, they were caring for so many hedgehog that they had to dedicate and entire unit and name it Hedgehogs Care Unit. A real-life hedgehog daycare can be one of the cutest things you’d experience.

Welcome to HedgeHog Care Unit

Saint Tiggywinkles is famous for nursing so many of Great Britain’s injured hedgehog who often get caught in drains, nets, and traps.Saint Tiggywinkles gives great advice on how to care for an injured hedgehog, should you come across one on your own.
Injured Hedgehog, but don’t worry. He will be fine soon!

Hello, I am Rupert and I have big black eyes. and, I am very tiny. But don’t go on my size because I will definitely outrun you any given day.

Rupert’s mum died in a car accident while Rupert was still in her belly. She couldn’t be saved, but little Rupert was delivered prematurely via surgery.
He was so premature that he couldn’t even open his eyes or suckle, but he was kept under 24-hour watch in an incubator.
Sadly, even after every effort to save him, Rupert didn’t make it.

His story is a reminder that every creature deserves a chance at life, no matter how small or big, cute or not.

Saint Tiggywinkles is currently treating nearly 1,500 wild animals at its facility. Show your support by donating to their care-foundation.
And while we would all like to care for the tiny critters that need help, it’s important to remember that they are still wild animals, and certain steps must be taken to keep them safe.
Meet Squidoo. This little guy is so small, we can’t even!!

So either make sure you get the proper information on how to approach a situation…

Or you could volunteer! Saint Tiggywinkles welcomes young volunteers to help out in the hedgehog unit, in the hopes of inspiring wildlife enthusiasts for generations to come.

Hand full of cuteness

“No one should drink and fly” is his message to other birds.

Look at those eyes!

Saint Tiggywinkles is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They have a staff of trained nurses and surgeons dedicated to bettering the lives to some of Great Britain’s tiniest wild companions. They treat 10,000 animals a year, with absolutely zero government funding. Consider making a donation on their website and share this post to get them the help they need! Hope we have inspired you enough to take care of an injured stray animal (cute or not) and help an animal in need.
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