Cutest, Most Adorable New Year Resolutions of These Cute Critters


The time arrives when we look back at our whole year and contemplate on how we can make our upcoming year better. Normal development plans include going to the gym more often, read more, get a new job or weird things like trolling and pissing off more people than you did this year. Leave humans as they are more or less predictable and will probably not follow through with their plans. Look at these adorable animals who have some thought on what they are gonna do differently this upcoming year. There cute resolutions will make you squeal so beware.

1.) I’ll try to be less FLOOFY this year.

2.) This year I’ll defeat Phelps without use of drugs

3.) I’m going run around more and ask for less treats. Definitely don’t wanna be as fat as Garfield this year.

4.) I think I’m ICY enough for ladies and done with playing around. I’ll try not to play the ladies this year. #findawife

5.) I’m going to get that confidence and get in front of that camera to finally get my passport pic taken.

6.) I will try not to “Smile” when I eat other things. It sorta confuses them and leaves me feeling guilty.

We’ll see…

7.) To become more comfortable in my own skin.

8.) Will try not to be lazy next year. Now go get me a beer while I watch that awesome show on the television. It’s not 2015 yet lady!

9.) I’ll try to be more humble and not show off my sexy legs to attract males. But I think i need a new pair of heels first.

10.) I want to be the next Punxsutawney Phil.

11.) I’m going to try and make it out more during the day. I sleep all day but I hear so many good things about this “sunshine” thing! Okay – time to sleep.

12.) Will try to show my whole face  and get regular hair cut. Also, read more and become like Brian from the family guy.

13.) Want to beat the hairball above who’s trying to be Brian. I am Brian. You hear?

14.) I will try to be more pretty, act less confused, will have more expressions, trot more, graze less and aspire to be the most fancy cow you’ve ever seen. Provided you don’t eat me. I am poisonous.

-Baby Moo Moo Cows

15.) I’m going to try and stuff less stuff what can fit in my cheeks.

16.) I really have to cut down on the cheese. My cholesterol is through the roof! The wife has been on my back about it forever.

17.) My resolution is to be more friendly to humans this year. I know I am scary and I can knock you down with one slap but then I gotta look like for my baby cubs, you hear?

18.) Become the best fetch companion to my dearest human owner

19.) This year, I’m going to try and be nice and polite….. WTF you lookin at me for? never seen a god damn dog?

20.) I’ll try to not make that face I am making where it looks like I pooped in my fin.

21.) I’m planning on learning how to use this exercise ball instead of deflating it. I have already deflated 5 of them. My human is getting fat 😀

22.) To continue with my species’ world domination via our cuteness.

23.) I will learn to float on my own instead of holding hands of my brothers while floating. I think i can do it.

24.) I really need to be more considerate of humans. They love us and I don’t care enough about them. Well, Usually I do when it’s feeding time though.

25.) I’ve been an introvert and kept myself within my shell. I think I’ll get out of my shell more often. life is beautiful, so am I.

26.) I’m going to be even more fab than last year. Look at this eyeliner! It’s natural.

27.) In 2015, I’m going to ruin each and every piece of my human’s furniture. But don’t tell them, okay?


28.) To budget my finances better and not deal any more drugs. IDK what to do with this money though?

29.) 2015’s the year I get back in touch with my creative side. I totally could have made it back in the day. I shouldn’t have given up my dream for a steady 9-5.

30.) I’m going to learn to stand up for myself. I can be a tough guy, too! No more Mr. Nice Dog.

31.) I will try to own less souls. I think I got enough for the life time. Now, would you please look into my eyes!!!!

Here’s to a better, brighter year! What are some of your and your pet’s New Year’s resolution? Do comment below.



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