Guy Walking on the Snow turns Footsteps into an Unbelievable Abstract Art

The Snow Walking legend Simon Beck was in the news last year, but for the ones who don’t know him, you won’t be able to forget him for his wintry works of art. Simon is an artist and is most well-known for making unique and abstract art in the snow. Tools he used? His bare legs just by walking over a fresh snowfall. He literally walks endlessly in the snow till his vision translates i nto a transcending art piece, which has never been duplicated before apart from the crop circles we see once in a while but that’s not a work of human race and tools like “spaceships” are involved. Anyways, Simon spends hours upon hours to create just one design, just to have it be covered by snowfall or blown away by the next day. But he still makes them. Here are his this years creations which he has showcased on his face-book page as well. If you like what you see below and are surprised and astounded at the same time, please go and like his page.

Simon walks over layers of fresh snow in special shoes to create his mind-boggling art.

CAREFULLY walking.

He can easily walk for miles just to create one design.


But the results are worth all of the effort. In fact, they are mesmerizing.

The most interesting thing about this art, though, is Simon creates it knowing it could be gone the very next day.

These delicate patterns were created in the beautiful Savoie Valley in France, overlooking Mont Blanc.

Simon found spaces in between lodges and mountains at the Les Arcs ski resort to create his masterpieces.

He creates large, mathematical patterns that have different effects when viewed from different angles.

At different times during the day, his creations will look different.

It’s just hard to believe that he spends countless hours making these…

Only to know that they will be gone from this world within a matter of hours or days.

If you’d like to see more of Simon’s art (which is genius bordering on insanity), visit this Facebook page dedicated to it. Share this story if you loved his beautiful masterpieces frozen in time.



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