These Ninja-Cats Will Make You Wonder As To What They Are Upto

Ninja Cats or Not..You Decide!

Cats can be bizarre and may be that’s why subconsciously we love these creatures. Whether it’s chasing the invisible, defying gravity, or just getting poofed up for no reason at all, cats are endlessly entertaining. Of course, the best part is that they are unaware of how cute they can be when they’re doing these moves which leaves us speechless.

These few cats are stepping up their game with a variety of slick and stealthy moves that would put leave even IP Man wondering. Are they Plotting? Playing? Secretly conspiring something. We don’t know! May be they are just as confused as we are about all this. You should decide. Please comment on what you think these cats are upto?

1. “Human! WTF you lookin at? I’m Ninja-Cat B**CH”

2. “Soon…”

3. “One day. One day.. I’ll become the Shaolin-Ninja Cat.

4. “No Flex Zone, No Flex Zone — They Know Better, They Know Better…

5. “Hidden Kitty Crouching Kitty”

6. Proposed Ninja-Costume.

7. Ninja Cats are born with power of extreme Concentration and Focus

8. Levitation Mode (level 9) – Real ninjas look serene even in midair.

9. Of course, any ninja mission is always fraught with peril.

10. Gravity does NOT apply to Ninja-Cats

11. “SOON…”

12. The perfect vantage point before the kill

13. This dog made a mistake of offending a ninja-cat

14. Some missions require a whole squad of ninjas.

15. “I keep an eye on you 24/7/365”

16. Ninja cats can identify texture/objects of similar color and can contort

to become invisible.

17. “Invisible Mode ON”

18. When enemies approach, it’s best to take evasive action. This dog wouldn’t

even know what hit it.

19. Well, house made of cork board is MY practice ground. Thanks Owner!

20. SOON….after am done with my upside-down meditation session.

I’ve heard of pet- and baby-proofing a house, but I don’t think there’s much you can do to ninja-proof. Please comment on what you think these cats are up to?



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