Pets Interrupting Yoga (a forgivable offense considering how cute these ones are!)

1.) “BOOP.”

2.) No, this pose is not for you to crawl up my chest.

3.) Ugh…

4.) “Must. Climb.”

5.) Well this is the world’s most awkward handstand.

6.) “Why does he get yoga kisses?? I want them too!”

7.) Um, excuse meeeee.

8.) This is not rub-yourself-against-my-leg time.

9.) Sure, just use the human as a jungle gym while she tries to find inner balance.

10.) “Need some help getting up?”

11.) “Easy kiss access!”

12.) Oooops, I spoke too soon!

13.)”KISSES are MORE IMPORTANT than fitness!”

14.) “Teamwo– WOAH!”

15.) “Ooooo I love tunnels!”

16.) Ok, sure, this is as good a time as any for hugs.

17.) “You fetch now!”

18.) Nothing like being swarmed by kitties while trying to execute a perfect downward-facing dog.

19.) I think it might be time to just give up…

20.) Oof, ouch!

21.) “Down, human! Down!”

22.) “Goooood human. Your treat is more love from me!”

23.) Child’s pose party!

24.) “What’s this? I disapprove!”

25.) Aw, even though they’re a HUGE pain sometimes, they’re still the best.

(source YouTube)




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