Things These Cute Turtles Don’t Want Us To Know…

Turtles Couple Action Explained:

For those who can’t watch the video – Once the male has climbed onto the females back, it succeeds in keeping it’s stance by a combination of balancing on it’s rear legs and by possessing a more concave plastron than the female.This allows the the curvature of the female’s humped carapace to sit nicely underneath him. After finely adjusting his positioning, the male shuffles and wiggles his cloaca (tail), until his “ventral- opening” lines up with the females “opening.” The male then erects his penis (known as a hemi-penis). This pushes through his ventral opening of the cloaca and enters hers. Ejaculation is followed shortly after, simultaneously accompanied by high pitched “squeaking” from the male. This is the only time that one will ever hear vocalised sounds made by a tortoise (except for the occasional discontented “hiss”.) Interestingly each individual species generates a sound which is unique to their own kind.

The male usually mates with a female several times before finally letting her go free.




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