Was AirAsia Flight QZ8501 Disappearance predicted on a blog?

Attention whoring blogger went viral after ‘predicting’ that ‘black hand aka illuminati group’ was going to bring down AirAsia jet

Claims from a random Chinese blogger about him predicting the disappearance of an AirAsia flight thirteen days before it vanished have gone viral. in his blog, he warns AirAsia group that one of their flights have been targeted by a group calls the ‘Black Hand’ which he claims brought down Malaysian Airlines flights MH17 and MH370 earlier this year as well.

Since its disappearance, social media users have reacted with astonishment at the apparent prediction however, we think that the evidence of the claim prior to the disappearance was edited afterwards to make it look like an attention whoring deadline, with little regards to the souls of the disappeared flight. I hope other media outlet would not mention his/her name to discourage such acts.

Disappeared Air Asia flight QZ8501

A Chinese blogger has provoked a storm of speculation online over claims he predicted the disappearance of an AirAsia flight two weeks before one of its Airbus A320s (like the one above) vanished yesterday
The apparent predictions have gone viral on social media and discussion forums such as Reddit (above), with some users expressing astonishment at the forewarning and others claiming it could be a hoax
Mystery: The flight went missing from radar at 6.18am local time - six minutes after last communication with air traffic control - while travelling from Indonesia to Singapore with 162 people on board. Search planes spotted objects and two oily patches in the search area on Monday afternoon
An Indonesia Navy search and rescue crew looks for AirAsia QZ 8501 on a Maritime Patrol Navy Aircraft above Bangka-Belitung Islands in the Java Sea

After December 17, there was no more activity on his account.

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