When Cats and Cucumbers fight, unlikely candidate Wins.

If we were to ask you that who would win a fight between Cat and a Cucumber, what do you think you reply would be? Well, the answer is Cucumber. Apparently, there’s something buried deep within the instincts of all cats that cause them to panic at the sight of an unexpected cucumber. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.
Cat owners across the internet are testing the newest theory: Cats are scared of Cucumbers.

All you have to do is place a cucumber behind a cat while they eat, and wait for them to notice.


It happens every time, without fail.

They don’t see it at first, and then suddenly… CUCUMBER!!!! Run for your lives!

Sometimes, the cats are a little brave…

… and sometimes, they are ready for a fight!

The trend started on Reddit, where it’s suddenly become the fastest growing section of the website:


Some cats are getting used to the cucumbers… but still not completely trusting them!

Why does this happen? Evolution has embedded an innate fear of predators that look similar to cucumbers? Maybe they look like snakes, leeches??
Only cats know!!
Please share with your Cat loving friends to check whether their Cats behave the same way. All you need is a big cucumber!



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