Wife’s Letter to Her Husband Upon Her Death Stating Her Last Wish

Brenda Schmitz lost her battle to ovarian cancer after struggling for two years. Considering the inevitable, Brenda had planned a special gift for her husband which he miraculously received after her death. In an utter shock, he explains that as Brenda was dying, she may have planned this one thing for him once he was ready to have it. When you see what she gave him and the final letter she wrote to him, it’ll probably be  the most moving thing you’d encounter.

This is the letter Brenda wrote for the local radio station. She told her close friend not to mail it until David found love again with a new woman.

Every year, the radio station fulfills Christmas wishes. When they received Brenda’s letter with her wish in it, everyone in the room broke down. They had to help her.

Brenda’s first wish was a day of pampering for David’s new love. Brenda wrote “She deserves it, being a stepmother to all of those boys.”

She also asked for a magical trip for the family, so that they could have fun together.

And finally, Brenda wanted the staff at Mercy Medical (where she was treated) to have a night out full of laughter and fun.

To David, he knew Brenda was always looking over him. On the day she died, there was a double rainbow… and her and her son’s favorite song was “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

ALL of Brenda’s wishes were granted by the station and local sponsors; they even sent the entire family on a trip to Disney World.

Never before have we heard of such wisdom and generosity. It must have taken Brenda so much strength to be able to write such a letter, knowing that she would die and her family would eventually move on. This footage was taken at the station when David was first told about the letter. When you see how David reacts to receiving Brenda’s letter, your heart will break into a million pieces:

Brenda was a pure soul that fought hard until the very end and always kept her family in her thoughts. Please share this amazing story so other people know of her strength, courage, generosity and love.

Source: Star 102.5




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